Hastings is a Biological Field Station of the University of California, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and UC Natural Reserve System. Gifts made Hastings possible- click here to contribute to our work in research and education.


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Hastings Webcams

Current- Operating Cameras

Hastings View


Headquarters Weather Cam- View across Hastings to Lower Barn, updated every 10 minutes.




Check us out with our robotic web cam. Click Here to take control and look around.


Archives- Images and Movies

Poison Oak Hill Trail Camera Trap Images- movie frames include animals photographed, look frame by frame.
Oak Cam
- time lapse of oak branch through the years- 2007 to 2010.
Owl Cam 2003-2007
- At Carmel Middle School. Steve Moore (CSUMB) helped run camera.
Acorn Woodpecker Nest- Views into an acorn woodpecker nest from summer 2007 to winter 2008.
Deer Cam 2006 - Road-killed deer followed (Nov 15-21) as bobcat and flies clean up carcass.
Barn Owl in Nestbox 2006
, Carmel Middle School. Follow the life and times of an owl nest.
Barn Owl in Nestbox 2004, Carmel Middle School. Follow life and times of an owl nest.
GrassCam 2003-06 Time-lapse through an amazing year for grass; three years to choose; dry and wet.
Carnivores at Roadkill- Time lapse (1999) of decomposing feral pig, bobcat, mountain lion at road kill.
Western Bluebird Nest, May 5 to June 6, 2000
Time Lapse of Hastings Weather- Image once a day August 2001 to August 2002

Large Mammals- Carnivores at Bait Stations

   Decomposing Feral Pig
      August 20, 1999 Night Movie (Skunk visits) (0.72Mb)
      August 22, 1999 Night Movie (Maggots, another pig visit) (0.94Mb)
      August 23, 1999 Day Movie (Maggots finish body) (0.98Mb)




  Bobcat at Deer
     November 11, 1999 Bobcat at Deer Movie (0.6 Mb)
     November 12, 1999 Bobcat at Deer Movie (1.1 Mb)
     November 13, 1999 Bobcat finishes Deer Movie (1.1Mb)
     Mountain Lion Removes Deer



Bluebirds in Nest Box 7, 2000

      Nest finished, 6 eggs laid: May 5 (5.5Mb)
      Tending eggs, May 12 (6 Mb)
      Eggs Hatching, May 19 (7.1 Mb)
      Five Busy Hatchlings May 24 (5.6 Mb)
      Three Left, Other Flown June 7 (6.0 Mb)
      Last Fledge, Mom Roost Alone at Night June 9 (8.7Mb)

Time Lapse Image of Hastings Through the Seasons

Archived Movie, Morning Image Aug 2001 to Aug 2002 (1.1Mb)






   You can also retrieve an image of Hastings at any given day of the year. Click here or on the photo to get to the archives.