Hastings is a Biological Field Station of the University of California, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and UC Natural Reserve System. Gifts made Hastings possible- click here to contribute to our work in research and education.


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Weather at Hastings

      Here are three live images of what is going on at Hastings. All are updated about every 5 minutes. The view to left is from the offices, looking south towards Lambert Flats.This camera faces almost directly south, so during mid-winter the low sun can blind the camera. The view to right is from the office, looking up the hill to a weather station and tower. Below left is Finch Creek, and below right is stream flow data taken from the stream at that point.

     For useful links to forecasts, current weather, or achived weather, see below.

     To illustrate the dramatic annual changes in this landscapes, we made a movie of scenes of Hastings every day at 9am for a year.
Hastings Weather Cam   Hastings Weather Cam

Stream Gauge on Finch Creek

Right: live view of Finch Creek. Left: current stream data.

Click here for flow data

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Weather Forecasts
  Discussion of 3-5 Day Monterey Bay Forecast
    Three to 5 Day Forecast for Monterey, Carmel Valley
    Eastern Pacific Satellite IR Water Vapor Loop - NOAA
    NOAA Weather for San Francisco - Monterey
    Water Vapor Satellite Loop, 16km, Eastern Pacific, Western US
    Rainfall forecast map- Loop of Next 3, 6, 9, and 12 hours
    Fire Season- Weather, Current Fire Information

Current Weather
  Hastings Real-time Weather (DRI, WRCC station at Hastings Headquarters) 10 min updates
    Hastings Real-time Weather (Hilltop RAWS): hourly data, archives
    Current Radar Fort Bragg to San Luis Obispo - current snapshot (NWS-slow)
    Current Radar Loop Fort  Bragg to San Luis Obispo (NWS-slow but detailed)
    Current Radar Loop, Fort  Bragg to Mexico  (Intellicast-fast but little detail)
    Current Radar Fort Bragg to Mexico- current snapshot (Intellicast-fast)
    Lower Carmel Valley Real-time Weather - Carmel Middle School 

Historical Weather (Data)
  Hastings Weather Summary Graphics; Totals/Averages- 1929-2008
    Hastings Data Files- Archives (1929-present)
    Lower Carmel Valley Archive (Carmel Middle School)
    Middle Carmel Valley Archive- Rana Creek Ranch 1993-2004